Contest Finalist

Lisa Tener at hosted a Pitch Your Book to Life Contest and my book “Have You Seen Me” was one of the top 10 finalists by popular vote. Lisa’s feedback for my book was invaluable and the feedback she offered the other contestants was as well. Check out Lisa’s webpage, especially her blog.

Here is the extended version of my pitch:

This story is about the relationship of a beautiful Bengal Cat named Jack and the love and devotion he shared with his human mother (Me, Gayle) and the search for him when he disappeared. It expresses the experience of our connection and the kindness that surmounted during the time he was missing. The love and support from perfect strangers overwhelmed me and needless to say helped me through this exhausting and life changing ordeal. His disappearance and what actually happened while he was gone is still a mystery and I have decided that I prefer to keep it that way ~ but please read on as the story does have a happy ending and the journey to that ending was extraordinary. My original title for this story as I kept my journal was called “An Adventure Story” because always in my heart and mind I knew that Jack had gone on a “walkabout” to sort things out – he wanted so badly to be a good kitty, but his past and his aggressive temper kept him from being the cat he was destined to be. My love encouraged and supported him, but it apparently wasn’t enough. It was enough, however, to keep us connected.

I kept a journal the entire time (7 months plus) he was missing – noting the calls and my continuous efforts of searching…I saved every email sent about possible sightings and those sent simply with comfort and prayer. I owe it to the multitude of people who supported me to share this incredible story and to provide hope to those who need to know that our prayers are heard and answered in ways beyond our depth of understanding. It will include reflections and musings on such topics of faith and hope, and the experiences that surfaced for me during this enormous and life changing search. This book is my Thank You to all who responded to my flyer “Have You Seen Me”.

Anyone who needs to be reminded to believe and to have hope for whatever reason will enjoy this story ~ and anyone who has ever loved a cat, or any animal for that matter, will understand what I went through and appreciate how this experience changed my life.

(On the side….everyone I have shared Jack’s story with has encouraged me to write this book – the adventure was just too incredible to keep it to myself)


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