Domino ~ The King of Cat Town

Domino is an amazing cat.  Everyone says so. 

“I can’t believe that cat.”  “He is awesome.”  “Such a good cat.”  These are just a few of the comments neighbors have offered with regard to Domino.  When my son was younger, he wrote a story about Cat Town and he of course made Domino the King.  Several years ago when we first got Domino, he was about 1.5 years old.  He would go out everyday and make several trips around the neighborhood – sort of like he was doing sentry duty.  People would see me and say “I saw your cat today, he is really something.”  I witnessed some of this on occasion – Domino would walk by someone’s house and they would holler out “Hi Domino” and he would turn his head toward them and nod.

One kind old man who lives at the corner would see Domino every day as he sat on his porch.  “That cat is the smartest cat I have ever seen.”  Domino would walk along the sidewalk, hugging the side of the road and then disappear.  Bob would see him pop up on the other side a short time after.  Domino was going into the ditch and into the sewer pipe crossing under the road to avoid the traffic.  We live in the country next to a very busy road and even though the speed is posted at 25 miles – everyone disregards it.  Bob is still amazed several years later because he would see Domino show the other neighborhood cats how to do it.

We recently had to “rehome” Domino because of a neighbor who is nuts and decided she didn’t want Domino coming over to her house anymore – AFTER 5 years of feeding him an afternoon snack. Yeah right, and how the hell am I suppose to keep him from going over to her house NOW???? So, Domino is living with my nephew at my brother-in-law’s 5 acre farm (the best brother-in-law in the world, yep!). He is loving it – being the only cat and having woods and bushes and acres to roam, full of mice, voles and other tasty things. I miss him very much but at least we do get to see him…and did I say, he is happy? Happy, happy, happy. He actually smiles when we go to see him, because he is happy and because I usually bring him a yummy homemade snack. I am so grateful to my brother-in-law (and nephew). I’m sure you can imagine. Crazy *$%86$* messed up neighbor……


About Gael

The purpose of this blog is twofold. I am writing a book about Jack’s adventure when he disappeared. I need to finish the book but find so many things to write about him that I decided to blog them. I realized I have a tremendous number of stories about various cats over the years because my life is full of a tremendous amount of Cat Kismet. I have truly been blessed in this way. Jack’s adventure story tops them all ~ it is the ghee of the butter. This story will be told in our book “Have You Seen Me”…. More details to follow. About Me: Gael is a mom of an extraordinary college student. It's a good thing she is an animal mom too since he doesn't require much from me any more. Gael loves to write and loves to sing. Gael likes her days off from work so she can write and sing. She also loves to read....most writers probably do. Gael hopes you enjoy her stories about Cat Kismet and invites you to share yours. Thanks for stopping by.
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