Gael is a mom of an extraordinary teenage boy. It’s a good thing she is an animal mom too since teenage boys don’t need much attention – mostly feeding and laundry. Gael loves to write and loves to sing. Gael likes her days off from work so she can write and sing. She also loves to read….most writers probably do. Gael hopes you enjoy her stories about Cat Kismet and invites you to share yours. Thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of this blog is twofold. I am writing a book about Jack’s adventure when he disappeared. I need to finish the book but find so many things to write about him that I decided to blog them. I realized I have a tremendous number of stories about various cats over the years because my life is full of a tremendous amount of Cat Kismet. I have truly been blessed in this way. Jack’s adventure story tops them all ~ it is the ghee of the butter. This story will be told in our book “Have You Seen Me”…. More details to follow.


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