Introducing Jackson and Junipearl

Have you ever owned a cat? Has a cat ever owned you? My cat Jackson totally owns me and my heart. Once you see him, you may understand why. It isn’t just because his looks are amazing, and it isn’t just because he is the sweetest boy ever….he simply knows my heart and keeps me in my heart. Jack and Juni are Bengal cats. He is an Asian Leopard and she is a Snow Bengal – a Snow Lynx I believe. They are not papered, I did not buy them – they simply came into my life in a time of need. They heard my heart and they responded.

I love cats – totally. I love my dog, Georgia. She’s just about the cutest pug, even in her old age, you can imagine. But I am a cat person. I have another cat, my darling Domino. He is a black and white cat. Not a tuxedo, but a traditional black and white farm cat. He has a pip below his nose which unfortunately makes him look rather Hitler like, but he is a kind and loving cat. He doesn’t live with us right now as I had to re-home him because of some bad neighbors (with guns). He likes to wander….He currently lives at my brother-in-law’s 5 acre farm where my dear nephew cares for him. He is totally happy and that makes me happy, but I miss him terribly and that makes me sad. We see him frequently, but I miss his snuggles and his meow.

Bengals are awesome creatures. They are extremely devoted to their humans – they understand many words, but mostly they understand heartfelt emotions. They evoke emotions simply by their ability to look into your heart – into your soul.

I’m having a bit of difficulty now because Jackson wants to go out all of the time. The weather is finally getting better and it has been a full year since he was able to be outside whenever he wanted. I’ve been taking him for a walk twice a day (yes on a leash…hoping to get a video of this soon so you can actually see this). They are allowed free romp first thing in the morning when I walk Georgia, but I’m always in a hurry so that can’t be much fun. He is getting better at returning promptly when Georgia is done and we head into the house for breakfast. His new breakfast food may be part of the reason.

This is Jack and his dog Georgia…

Here is another one….

Here is Jackson with Junipearl….

Jackson wanted you to see how large he is compared to his sister.

Junipearl needs a picture of her own to show you just how special she is.

Yes that is a Manger – it shows you just how special she believes she is.

I’m still searching for the perfect picture of Domino. This is all new to me and although it seems to be working fine, I need to be more organized. I think Jackson likes all the attention – me writing about him and showing his picture but right now he would prefer that I provide that attention with a walk instead. Guess I’ll close for now…he’s waiting at the door.


About Gael

The purpose of this blog is twofold. I am writing a book about Jack’s adventure when he disappeared. I need to finish the book but find so many things to write about him that I decided to blog them. I realized I have a tremendous number of stories about various cats over the years because my life is full of a tremendous amount of Cat Kismet. I have truly been blessed in this way. Jack’s adventure story tops them all ~ it is the ghee of the butter. This story will be told in our book “Have You Seen Me”…. More details to follow. About Me: Gael is a mom of an extraordinary college student. It's a good thing she is an animal mom too since he doesn't require much from me any more. Gael loves to write and loves to sing. Gael likes her days off from work so she can write and sing. She also loves to read....most writers probably do. Gael hopes you enjoy her stories about Cat Kismet and invites you to share yours. Thanks for stopping by.
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3 Responses to Introducing Jackson and Junipearl

  1. I’m hoping you’ll share how these feline friends magically entered your life when needed…sounds like quite a story.

    • Gael says:

      Lisa, my book “Have You Seen Me” (subtitle still undecided) begins with how and when Jack came into my life. So much Cat Kismet precedes his story that I shall start there and move forward through time, while hopefully capturing Jackson admirers. The people in my life who actually know him and his story are eager to read the book – so Jackson is hoping to meet people through this blog who will also be eager to read his story.

  2. Sandy says:

    love reading this and seeing your babies’ pictures! xoxo

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